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Application and Features

The following instructions apply to all types of soil and for all varieties of plant:
 Dig a hole for new plants or build a hollow around the
   existing root ball
 Add GeoRevive® lumps
Water generously for the first time to eliminate a
   hydrophobic condition
 Cover the lumps with soil
 Insert the plants
 Water once a day
 Results will follow within a few days

GeoRevive® has many features which will improve the conditions for the plant. These features are as follows:
 Saves water
 Nutrients are retained
 Improved plant growth
 Strong root development
 Reduces water evaporation
 Reduces salt accumulation
Without the use of GeoRevive®:
 Water seeps away
 Loss of nutrients
 Reduction in plant growth
 Poor root development
 High water evaporation
 High salt accumulation