about us

bringing nature to life

Our Aims and Intentions

We at Green GeoEarth have a long-term vision, which contests current beliefs in normal water consumption in agriculture and landscaping. With our unique product and technology we are able to bring life to regions where traditional farming methods have previously failed. This revolutionary product known as GeoRevive® saves up to 90% of the usual water consumption of plants whilst guaranteeing the spread of green landscapes and aiding a healthier agricultural environment. Our goal is to support ministries, landscapers and a farmer to successfully turn public and private areas into sustainable green pleases where it was previously thought not possible.

who we are

  • A German FDI in Bahrain, Green GeoEarth is a leading manufacturing company that produces an eco-friendly, revolutionary product, named GeoRevive®, for reversing desertification, using only 10% water and reducing the usages of fertilizers compared to the traditional landscaping and farming. GeoRevive® is a capillary-structured multi component, which reduce drastically the water irrigation and fertilizer consumption. Micro organism and bacteria will stay in the root system and will not be washed out from the usual huge water consumption, which is wide practice in the desert region. GeoRevive® is a onetime application and useable for all kinds of plants. It is tried, tested and proven in landscaping and agricultural projects, that the water consumption and the usage of fertilizers are reduced drastically.

Green GeoEarth and Ruland Engineering and Consulting

The strong partnership between Green GeoEarth and Ruland Engineering & Consulting is a very unique combination. Green GeoEarth provides the growth expertise in agriculture, fruit and vegetables in arid and semiarid regions, whilst Ruland’s many years of experience in the field of food and pharmaceutical plant construction, enable the processing of these harvests to final products for the wholesale and retail trade. Ultimately providing for supermarkets and for export.

Raw materials used:
 Animal feed
 Renewable primary products
Process engineering:
 Engineering and consulting
 Process equipment
 Automation and visualisation
 Installation and start up